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Our group fitness classes are designed for all ages and levels of fitness. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a new parent, or a senior looking for ways to stay active, we are here to help you on your journey. Join us, feel our energy, and change your world.

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45 to 55 mins of pure sweaty bliss that will leave you feeling happy, strong and fit! No awkward arm choreography, no bike push ups, no hand weights, just spin. Come ready to ride and sweat.

Strength HIIT

An intense full body strength training and metabolic conditioning workout custom designed to get you really strong and really fit. Using barbells, hand weights, plates, risers and bodyweight, you’ll burn fat and build lean muscle in this powerful class.

Looking for a lighter option? Try LIFT and get fit with this lower intensity power workout that’s designed to give you the functional strength you need to make everyday activities easier!

Barbell Complex

Our “simplest” program is easy to follow, but designed to make you sweat like crazy and feel seriously worked! Get an intense, effective metabolic “cardio” workout cleverly disguised as weightlifting. Made for the traditional cardio haters among us!


One full hour devoted 100% to your glutes? Yes please! Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, you will learn how to properly activate, engage and build muscle in all the right places in this extremely popular class, using bands, weights, kettlebells, and bodyweight. No experience is required and most of the movement patterns can be done with bodyweight or banded alone.

Pilates HIIT

Combining the best of two worlds, Pilates HIIT brings the moves of pilates together with high intensity interval training. Burn calories, build endurance, and develop a strong core with this blended workout.


Yogis, unite! We offer both Yin Yoga AND Yoga Therapy. Join us for passive stretching and release the stress and tension of the day with our Yin Class. Or, find your centre through breathwork, flows, and powerful poses in our Yoga Therapy class—a great option for beginners!

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